Musiikkiarkeologiaseminaari | Music Archeology Seminar

Ontrei, eli Rauno Nieminen ja Timo Väänänen, osallistui Nordic Theoretical Archeology Groupin musiikkiarkeologiaseminaariin, jossa he esittelivät Kanteleen kielin ja Kantele eläväksi -hankeet eurooppalaisille ja yhdysvaltalaisille musiikkiarkeologian tutkijoille. Esitelmässä Ontrei myös soitti lyyrasoittimia eli Novgorodin kanteletta ja jouhikanteletta. Tapahtuma järjestettiin Oulussa 25.–28.4.2012.

Ontrei participated Music Archeology Seminar organised by Nordic Theoretical Archeology Group in Oulu 25.–28.4.2012. Rauno and Timo presented their research projects to European and American music archeologists. They also played ancient lyres in their presentation.

Two projects about kantele

1. The Kantele Comes Alive

Over the summer 2009, the Nurmes Town Museum commenced a kantele mapping and research project titled “The Kantele Comes Alive”. The project concentrated on the kanteles housed in the Nurmes Museum – including measuring, photographing and cataloguing them – as well as training the museum staff to better understand the instrument.

The project specialists consisted of Doctor of Music, instrument builder and researcher Rauno Nieminen and Doctor of Music, kantele player Timo Väänänen. During the project, a manual for photographing and describing the kantele was devised in order to help gather more relevant information on the museum instruments. http://kantele.net/kantele-elavaksi

2. Kindred of Kantele

The Kindred of Kantele project researches the North East Europe psaltery, lyre and zither instruments similar to Finnish kantele in Finland, Baltic countries, Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. This kind of knowledge has never been put together before in the Finnish language.

The project doesn’t aim for a scientific definition of the kantele but it tries to document and describe – in various methods – different aspects of the present-day life of this instrument. We gathered information on field trips in Russia, Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Mari Republic, Chuvashia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Khanty-Mansia and Karelia, so far. The main goal is to publish a book series and a 17-part radio series.


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